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5 useful features to Microsoft Excel

5 useful features to Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel - one of the most popular and successful programs office.

However, not every manager uses all the features of this program.

So if you want to succeed in your business and impress his bosses - Learn new features in Excel.



Function CDF.
It finds the desired value in the table.
Example of use.
To learn Katie score, write = VLOOKUP ( "Kate", A1: E1,2,0)
where "Katya" - the name of the student, A1: E1 - a range of search cells, 2 - column number 0 means that we do not need to find an exact match value.
Features of use.
Unfortunately, the search function can only from left to right. In addition, for large tables feature may look quite a long time.


INDEX function.
It finds the value at the intersection of the row and column.
Example of use.
To find out who was the first in the race, we collect: = INDEX (A1: A11, 1)
where A1: A11 - range search cells, and 1 means that we need is the one who came first.


It finds the value in the cell range and reflects the position of the value.
Example of use.
To find the name of the head of the firm "miners", enter = MATCH ( "Prospectors», B3: B13,0)
where the "miners" - the name of the company, B3: B13 - a range of search cells, and 0 means that we are not looking for an exact value.


Function $.
You can cancel the automatic adjustment formula when copying itself to the new cell.
Example of use.
If you write «$ A $ 1" - the value of the copied data cells will be the same in any direction.


Function & amp-.
It helps to collect all the cell values ​​into one.
It acts like CONCATENATE function.

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