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Top 5 Tips for Getting Rid of Insomnia


Constant lack of sleep spoils the mood, reducesOperability, deteriorates health. In all, insomnia is to blame. Every day, following a few simple rules, you can completely get rid of it and learn how to get enough sleep.

Top 5 Tips for Getting Rid of Insomnia



Do not eat at night.
Let the last meal be an hour or two before bedtime. Prepare something easy for the stomach - for example, stewed in oil with spices vegetables.


Ventilate the room.
Let the fresh air in the bedroom. It is very good to wipe the floor and change the bed linen on the bed. The dream will undoubtedly be sweet.


Do not look at the screen before going to bed.
It does not matter which one - a TV, phone or computer. Your brain when viewing pictures on a bright screen receives a signal, which is still light, and you do not need to sleep.


Write down all thoughts that do not give rest.
A couple of tetrad pages, written with emotions, will help to calm the mind. You will not toss around for hours, remembering all your worries if you pour them on paper.


Get up and lie down at one time.
It's not easy at first. And then it becomes a pleasant habit. The main thing, go to the regime gradually, without violence against yourself. Every day, lie down 10 minutes earlier, and get up too. You will not even notice how to achieve what you want!

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