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How to make plans

Expectations rarely coincide with reality.

The process of achieving a very complex and figure out all the options for development is almost impossible.

However, there are a few simple tips to help you get to the finish.



Start small. Even if your goal is very complicated, you should always start with simple steps. It is not necessary to set a goal to play sports every day. Start with two workouts per week and gradually improve this figure. So you will be less likely to break and completely abandon the achievement of the result.


Break each goal into sub-goals. Decomposition allows to define milestones, identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as not to miss the really important points. Another advantage of this advice is that you will be able to choose what kind of sub-goal you will implement today that will also reduce the internal resistance.


For each sub-determine the award. If you are developing a site, tell yourself that buy a new shirt, if attendance reached 100 people per day. This will create additional motivation for action.


Promised to respect people for you, be sure to reach the desired. It will not let you get off the chosen path. You do not want to disgrace and lose credibility?


Include specific deadlines and penalties. Deadline allows activating activity of the person, even if his motives are totally absent. Fear of punishment is usually stronger than laziness.

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