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5 Tips for a New Apartment


5 Tips for a New Apartment</a>

Buying a long-awaited apartment puts a new, no less difficult task for newly-minted owners - how to furnish housing.

To feel really at home, everyone strives to equip the apartment in their own way.

If you listen to the advice of experienced designers, then you will not make irreparable mistakes and your efforts will not be wasted.



Before buying new furniture, inspectAlready available elements of the interior and try to predict the design of the room as a whole. Imagine in detail what kind of furniture you want to see in your house, what style it should be. Call for help online, look through the furniture catalogs, stroll through the furniture shops, this will help you evaluate your financial capabilities and determine your preferences.


You also need to decide on the color paletteRooms. The shades of furniture will affect the location of the color spots throughout the apartment. After all, after the furniture you will begin to supplement the situation in the rooms with the help of curtains, carpets or sofa cushions. Varying their color, you can enhance or neutralize the presence of any color in the rooms. To give the walls the necessary tones, you can use paintings, posters or murals.


Before buying, measure all the rooms, doorways, width of the elevator cab, and take these notes with you to the furniture store. Be especially careful with non-collapsible furniture.


The basis of any room is large furniture. For this reason, you should buy it first. If already available furniture in the apartment suits you, and you do not intend to change it, then pay attention to the fact that new acquisitions were in the same color and stylistic orientation.


In the acquisition of furniture, rush is not the best assistant. Go around all the furniture stores, consider all possible options, compare prices. Buying interior items is not for one year, so take your time, go and analyze. Remember, the more time you spend on the furnishings of your home, the more joy it will bring to you in the future.

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