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5 things to know about SSD-drive

5 things to know about SSD-drive

Disk-based flash memory, which is called the SSD, all is good. High read / write speed, no moving parts, instant loading Windows.

But there he has his own Achilles heel - the limited resource of rewrite cycles.

Hence, the following five important points.



Do not use defragmentation on the disk! Defragmentation of this type of disc does not help, as they have no moving magnetic heads. Reading from scattered in different parts of the drive units does not entail a decrease in speed.
Moreover, the SSD defragmentation even harmful, because it spends already limited resource rewriting wasted.


Do not use this drive to store frequentlychanging files. Due to the limited resources of rewriting the disk storage is often harmful to overwrite files. Try to send the paging file, temporary files directory, and browser cache to disk conventional magnetic system.


Do not fill the SSD more than 75% capacity. Numerous test various experts showed that more than this level of drive performance decreases dramatically. The reason is that, if SSD for a lot of space, and then a lot of free blocks. A record in the free blocks much faster than part-time.
Lots of space - lots of free blocks, and the recording speed is higher. Few places - a lot of partially filled blocks, and write speed lower.


Do not store on the SSD rarely required large filessuch as movies and music. Scoring while playing, you will not receive any, and valuable space is occupied on the disc. If possible, store the movies on another drive or an external drive. If not, delete them immediately after viewing.


SSD is only effective in new operating systems, produced in the last 3 years. This Windows 7 and 8.1, Linux fresh assembly. In older systems, you will not get good results.

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