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5 Steps to Independence

5 Steps to Independence

Just think how addicted person you are.

How much do you influence colleagues and boss?

Depends on whether your mood on the mood of his wife, children?

In fact, people are literally entwined network of dependencies. Gradually, he ceases to do anything for himself, and begins to live for others.

You can explain this well-intentioned, but in fact it is a weakness, it is therefore important to know how to get rid of it.



Start making choices. All significant achievements have been made by people who make decisions on their own. If you're used to that your environment does everything for you, discard it. You have to take responsibility for their lives themselves. The next time when you have to decide anything, think about what exactly you want, and then make the right choice.


Make a plan. Now you will fear. All significant in life depends on you. There is a big chance that you back away and give up. The only way to deal with fear - look him straight in the eye. Do not think about the results. Just clear your mind and begin to act.


Learn. When you start to learn something, your dependence on others starts to decline, you begin to stand apart, become a stronger person. In our era, there are so many different books, which allows you to master any area of ​​knowledge. You can watch videos, read books or download ready-made articles. Remember that you should always develop.


Celebrate your successes. Every time you will be able to get out of your comfort zone and reach new goals, be sure to check it. No matter how you do it: with a bottle of whiskey in his hand, or snowboarding, the main thing - to appoint a reward. It will strengthen you in the consciousness of the fact that the achievement of the objectives brings positive emotions.


Create a habit. Now you need to connect the four previous steps and begin to implement them consistently. Only if you can last a few months in this mode, you can start to talk about your independence.

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