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5 simple ways to get rid of the smell of burning

5 simple ways to get rid of the smell of burning

Sometimes we get distracted and forget about the pies in the oven or on the stove chops. Meanwhile, the food turns into embers and smoke spread beyond the kitchen.

Get rid of the smell of burning will help simple tips, however, will need to work hard.



Start eliminating burning smell with airing the apartment. Just open the windows and let the fresh air in the room.


Things often absorb odors, so perestiraytecurtains, bed linen and blankets, and rugs and coats, if possible, hang out on the balcony ventilated. If a simple washing and airing does not help, you have to deliver things to the dry cleaners.


Spend a wet cleaning in the apartment. Wipe all surfaces, which could settle the smell - floor, ceiling, furniture and accessories, washable wallpaper. In water, add a little vinegar.


Sheets or large towels and wethang in the rooms. Wet cloth perfectly absorbs odors. You can also arrange for the apartment capacity with potassium permanganate solution, and update periodically the liquid. Sometimes this method is effective: in the kitchen include hot water for 10 minutes to steaming. Then remove the condensate from the surfaces.


After the fire will have to get rid of allvictims of fire objects, re-stick wallpaper, replace the flooring and paint the window. Otherwise they will not cope with the smell of burning. The hearth fire carefully treated with a solution of vinegar and water in a ratio of 1:10.

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