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5 secrets from professional chefs like cooking rice


To cook rice for garnish - it would seem, there is nothing easier. However, to make the rice crisp and fragrant, you need to know 5 secrets of professional chefs.

How to Cook Rice

Secret 1 - how to cook rice to make it crumbly

To make the rice crumbly, cook it fromCalculating 1 cup of rice for 2 cups of water. Lay the croup in the water only after it boils. And the most important thing. Before pouring rice into the water, add a little vegetable oil and salt. The oil will not allow the grains to stick together, the rice will turn out to be very friable. Just stir the rice right after it is poured into the pan. To get oil on every grain.

Secret 2 - how to cook rice to make it fragrant

Very tasty and aromatic rice is obtained ifAdd a broth cube to it. As a side dish to fish, cook rice with vegetable broth cubes, for pork and chicken - with mushroom. When the water boils, crumble there a cube, stir and pour the rice. Stir again and cook until done.

Secret 3 - how to cook rice for sushi

For sushi you need glutinous rice, from which it is easyTo form balls. Best for this fit round varieties. Cook the rice by adding a little more water (2 cups 3 glasses of water per cup of cereal). Stir it only once - at the beginning of cooking, so that the croup does not stick to the bottom of the pan. Cook until done.

Secret 4 - how to cook a colorful rice

Fashionable garnish - colorful rice - easyCook yourself without buying expensive colored croup. For coloring, you can use food colorings or natural juices - pomegranate, carrot, tomato, orange. After the rice is ready, dilute the food colorings in 100 ml of water and pour into a saucepan. Stir thoroughly. With juices the same. 100 ml of juice add to the rice and mix. It is not necessary to take more juice - the rice will stick together.

Secret 5 - how to cook brown rice

Brown rice, unlike all the rest, is brewedLonger and requires more water. For 1 cup of rice you need to take 3 cups of liquid. Boil brown rice should be 30 minutes, and then, removing the pan from the stove, let it brew for another 20 minutes, covering the pan with a towel. Rice will absorb the remaining water, will become very tasty and crumbly.

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