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5 rules of persistent manicure


Neat manicure</a>

It turns out that to achieve a persistent and beautiful manicure is not difficult and at home.

To do this, you need to know just 5 simple rules.

Well-groomed hands and nails are a sign thatA woman cares about her appearance. Unfortunately, not all women have the opportunity to go to expensive salons to constantly update the manicure. It turns out, it is not difficult to achieve a neat and persistent manicure at home. For this it is necessary to allocate only one hour of time. Do not forget that even the most expensive varnish will not stay on the nails longer than 7 days (this is in the normal situation of a modern woman who also does some housework). On the average, the color varnish begins to peel off the nails on the third day.
How can I extend my manicure at home?
The first rule of persistent manicure is to reduce toMinimum contact with water. Therefore, always try to use gloves while washing dishes or cleaning the house. Nail polish does not like bleach, so if you often go to the pool, you will have to accept that your manicure will need to be updated every three days.
The second rule is the correct varnish coating. To apply a color varnish it is necessary on a basis, and from above always to use a fixer or shine (it will help to save a manicure for a couple of days). Always apply the next layer only after the previous one has dried. In order to achieve a brighter shade, you need to apply a colored varnish in two layers.
The third rule is that beforeManicure you need to make a bath for nails, and hold hands in it for 15 minutes, so that the nails and cuticles become soft. To do this, it is better to use warm water with a little dilution of sea salt in it.
The fourth rule is the right choiceNail file. Iron files, which are still used by many women, have a negative impact on the structure of the nail. For sawing the best option is a glass nail file, since it has a smooth surface. Do not forget about how to properly nail the nails: from the edge to the center.
The fifth rule for persistent manicure isAbsence of cuticle. First it needs to be softened (after the hand bath, apply a special remedy on it). It is best to remove the cuticle with a special bamboo stick.

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