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neat manicure

It turns out that to achieve stable and beautiful manicure is not difficult and at home.

To do this, you need to know is just 5 simple rules.

Well-groomed hands and nails - a sign thatwoman taking care of their appearance. Unfortunately, not all of the fair sex has the opportunity to go to expensive salons to constantly update manicure. It turns out, is not difficult to achieve accurate and stable manicure at home. To do this, select only one hour. Do not forget that even the most expensive paint will not stay on the nails longer than 7 days (under normal operation of the modern woman, who also makes some things around the house). On average, the same color nail polish starts to peel on the third day.
How to extend the life of your manicure at home?
The first rule is resistant nail polish - it is to bring tominimum contact with water. Therefore, always use gloves when washing dishes or cleaning the house. Nail polish does not like bleach, so if you often go to the pool, you have to accept the fact that your manicure will need to be updated every three days.
The second rule - this is the right varnish. Apply colored nail polish on the basis of a must, and always use the top fixer or shine (this will help keep the nail polish is still a couple of days). Always apply the next coat only after the previous one has dried. In order to achieve a more vibrant hue, you need to apply the colored lacquer in two layers.
The third rule is that beforemanicure need to make bath for nails and hands to hold it for 15 minutes, to the nails and cuticles are soft. It is better to use warm water with little dilution therein sea salt.
The fourth rule - it correctly chosennail file. Iron nail file, which is still used by many women have a negative impact on the structure of the nail. For filing is considered as the best option glass nail file, as it has a smooth surface. Do not forget how to correctly file nails, from the edge to the center.
The fifth rule for proof manicure - thisthe absence of cuticle. First, it is necessary to soften (after a bath for the hands, apply a special tool on it). It is best to remove the cuticle with a special bamboo sticks.

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