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5 reasons why you should never give up

5 reasons why you should never give up




As long as you are breathing, you can make a choice. No matter what mood you are now or what happened at the last second. Now everything depends on you. It you decide to go ahead to go to bed or get up for a run. Eat cake or broccoli. Whatever the circumstances, always asking questions about what should be done in a second.


From the first time a little what happens correctly. The only true solution will require from you a lot of attempts. They may not be five or even ten, but if the goal is really important to you, then keep moving.


You are stronger than you can imagine. Surprisingly, the man is able to do far more than used to think. It is proved that any athlete, depriving it of the information about the result, and distractions can make a 2.5-3 times more than the usual training.


You have not shown themselves. Everyone is capable of becoming great. If you can not cope with this purpose, then you are not tried. Have made every effort you should be able to achieve the desired. It is only necessary to take the next step. But stepping back only once, come back will be very difficult.


You are closer than you think. Most of the participants went on a marathon distance of 30-33 kilometers. That is, when three quarters of the way already passed. In other spheres of life it is almost the same. Most people no longer go to the target when it is up a few steps, though not the easiest.

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