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5 reasons to learn how to paint with sand


5 reasons to learn how to paint with sand</a>

Draw sand, or in another way it's called sand animation, it's becoming very popular. It is liked by both adults and children.

And this is not surprising, because there are big pluses in this.



First, to start drawing with sand, you do not needA lot of costs, as for any other occupation. All you need is pure sifted sand, a lamp and glass. If there is no sand, you can use any other bulk solids, for example, mango. By the way, this lesson is suitable even for very young children. It will very well help them in the development of motor skills.

5 reasons to learn how to paint with sand


If you've seen at least one video with sand animation, then you realize how beautiful it is. It is unlikely that you will remain after such indifferent to this occupation. Beauty is great!


Very good from this lesson developsPlastic. After all, you need to do everything neatly and with a light hand. Also, the plus is that you can correct the details in the drawing at any time. And you do not need any eraser for this. In addition, one work surface is enough for you not for once, but for a long time.


As already mentioned - sand animation is very popular. Honored artists in it very little. Therefore, if you do well, then popularity is guaranteed to you.


And of course, drawing with sand is excellentAntidepressant, like any other creativity! A person gets rid of negative thoughts and feelings, enters into harmony with himself and his thoughts. He also develops two hemispheres of the brain, since in this drawing two hands of a man are involved at once. Now the choice is yours.

5 reasons to learn how to paint with sand

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