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5 most effective for home heating devices

5 most effective for home heating devices

A cold period of the year and frequent disruptions of public utilities in the heating season, forcing many people to look for alternative sources of heating housing.

The result is a five-effective custom heater, which successfully cope with its mission.

Convector, infrared rays and climate control

Fifth place rightfully belongs convectorheaters, heating element which is a metal tube with hot air. These packages make holes through which cold air enters the heater, heated and discharged from the top of the heater. Usually convector heater mounted on the wall or on the floor.

The convector has characteristics similar to oil radiators, but it also maintains the set temperature.

In the fourth place settled infraredheaters that heat the room by a lamp emitting infrared rays. They allow a separate heat zone and the large space, and can be used outdoors. The disadvantage is the high price of the device.
Third place ranking is the air conditioning,cooling and heating air with equal efficiency. They quickly heated air is maintained in the automatic mode, the programmed temperature and do not require additional appliances. However, air conditioning is not recommended for use at extremely low sub-zero temperatures.

Fans and radiators for home heating

In second place is the heater,having mobility, simple design and low price. In case it is a ceramic or metal heating element which is installed behind the fan blades. They produce hot air flows, dispersing them around the room and heated it. The main advantage of the heater is a combination of the two functions in it - cool and to heat. Among the shortcomings heaters can mention their noise, the burning of oxygen, as well as a fire hazard when non-compliance with safety standards. In addition, the fan blades are dangerous for small children.

It is considered the most effective fan heaters with ceramic element, which have high emissivity.

Oil heaters occupy the first place andare metallic sealed housing inside which is a mineral oil. It is heated and heats the radiator body, whereby the warm air rises up from it and heats the room. This type of heaters silent, fireproof, does not burn oxygen, and fairly inexpensive. Oil radiators quite mobile by wheels, and the degree of efficiency depends on the number of sections in the heater housing.

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