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5 mistakes new travelers

5 mistakes new travelers

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Your vacation will not be spoiled and will leave some good memories in the event that you will not make these five mistakes.



The lack of information of the visited country
Gathering as much information about the place to be rest, you can avoid many mistakes and unnecessary costs.


Ignorance of the exchange rate of the local currency
Often, people do not consider it necessary to know in advance the local currency. It also leads to unnecessary costs for goods or services.


Taking pictures without permission
If you want to take a picture of the local population, it is best to ask them for permission. Otherwise, you can not look very friendly towards them and their property.


English Communication
You do not know the language of the locals, but a few basic phrases desirable to learn. This will help you quickly adapt to unfamiliar surroundings, or get to your destination.


Ignorance of foreign laws and religion
The customs of the people have always been in different parts ofthe planet, and for this reason, the journey is the most informative pastime. Any trip should start with a study of the country's laws and traditions of the host, not to accidentally offend the local population of the ignorance of their culture.

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