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5 main fears of modern man

7 main human fears

Fear - it became a reality with the worst of the Association.

The main human fear - fear of death, are often in the form of the body of an octopus, which fears many smaller-tentacles.

Discover 5 major fears almost any modern man.



First, after the fear of death in man oftencalled the fear of public speaking or stage fright. Many people say that the performance in front of a lot of people "like death". In fact - it's goof fear or the fear of being humiliated.


The consequence of the first fear is the fear of criticismor the fear of being ridiculed by others. These fears, sometimes reaching up to the present panic, were "grafted" to us by our mentors, teachers and educators. This fear of failure is based on a very common belief many of us that other people care about our lives. On the contrary, modern man is inclined to think about how cool and often does not notice others.


Third person fear - is fear,the opposite fear of death. Fear of life, fear to succeed more and more researchers note psyche of modern man. That he often hinders change jobs or set up their own enterprise. This fear constrains creativity of man and prevents him from really enjoying life.


In the fourth place of the top sheet fearsinherent in man of our time, we settled various fears, phobias. It is a fear of closed spaces and heights, fear of spiders, snakes and cockroaches, fear to leave the room, to die in a traffic jam phobia, fear of contracting an incurable disease, and many others.


Panic or panic attacks - is the scourgemodern residents of large cities. Bouts of anxiety and fear, escaped from the subconscious fear that prevent the normal life of the people, are the direct result of accumulated stress, hard work without days off and conflicts in the family and at work. From panic difficult to get rid of its own, it takes too much psychic energy in humans.

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