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5 major errors allowed by beginning guitarists


Many beginning guitarists, confident in theirForces are so strong that they are ready to learn how to play independently, they make many mistakes that in the future affect their self-esteem and, of course, the very performance of the compositions. Do not forget that it is not worth closing your eyes to even the slightest shortcomings.

1. The tool. Tool selection is a very important part of everything.Learning to play the guitar. Maybe you have a guitar from your dad or, say, a brother, and you decided not to buy a new one, but it's worth noting that if this guitar is too old or you just do not like it, you better change it. I like the instrument not only in appearance, but also in how it lies in the hands, in its sound.

2. The company. Some people find it more convenient to learn how to playGuitar in proud solitude, but sometimes some, even a small, company is needed. It is easier to learn with a friend. Also, already having acquired some skill of the game, you can try to play two guitars: a rhythm on one and solo on another.

3. Setting the fingers on the fretboard. This is a very important part of the whole process! Not having learned correct statement of fingers, you can not play then at a fast pace, take a bar and much more. Ironically, many self-taught people miss this important moment, and then suffer. So do not be lazy to watch the video lessons and suffer a little with this.

4. Guitar tuning. Of course, the beginner will be much easierUse the tuner to adjust your guitar, but still try to learn how to set it up by ear. It will not come right away, in time, but it will develop your musical ear and noticeably speed up the process of setting up.

5. Knowledge of musical notation. This is far from necessary, but still such a skillOpens many new roads in front of you. You will be able to play not only on chords, but also on tabs, which means more melodic and beautiful melodies. In addition, you can compose and record music yourself on paper, which, you must agree, is a huge plus.

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