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5 easiest and cheapest ways to whiten your teeth

How to whiten teeth at home

Beautiful white teeth smile do Hollywood. Conversely, the yellow enamel is able to spoil the most charming face.

How to whiten your teeth?

You can seek the services of expensive dental surgeries, or try to do it yourself.

Home teeth whitening is very cheap, while bringing visible results.

1 way - teeth whitening coal

In this way, even our grandmothers used. Take one tablet of activated charcoal and grind it to powder. Mix with pasta. This mixture should be brushing your teeth once a week for a month, in order to achieve visible results.

Method 2 - teeth whitening soda

Soda is the main ingredient in many toothpastes. However, to enhance the whitening effect, you need to use baking soda alone.

Dip the brush in a box with soda and typea little powder. Use baking soda once a week for a month. Longer baking soda to clean your teeth is not recommended. Because hard abrasive particles contained in the powder becomes thinner tooth enamel.

3 Way - hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening

In pharmacies, you can buy a special gel, the main component of which is hydrogen peroxide. However, a simple bottle of peroxide is much cheaper.

Blot with a solution of a cotton swab and carefullyWipe the teeth (it should be done after you have cleaned their toothpaste). To conduct the procedure can be every day for a week. If peroxide schipet gums - use solution for teeth whitening. On ? cups of water, add 30 drops of hydrogen peroxide. Thoroughly rinse the mouth with a solution. Then - with plain water.

4 method - whitening teeth tea tree oil

Whiten teeth at home without harm cantea tree oil. It strengthens the gums and prevents inflammation and bleeding. Use tea tree oil to whiten teeth need every day for two months. Visible effect can be achieved in a month.

Proceed as follows: After brushing your teeth to brush drip 2 drops of tea tree oil hundred percent. Brush your teeth for two minutes. To get rid of the smell, which leaves the oil, rinse your teeth with water with a slice of lemon.

5 method - teeth whitening strawberries

This method is used in the summer, when the sale is domestic berries. As they have more active ingredients than cultivated in artificial conditions of imported strawberries.

Take a large berry and rub her teethinside and outside. Leave the strawberry puree on the teeth for a few minutes. Then rinse with water. The procedure may be performed twice a day for a month. Visible results will be in two weeks.

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