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5 competitions for girls and boys 14


5 competitions for girls and boys aged 14-17</a>

A holiday can be made interesting if you add contests to it. They will not only help to relax, but will also familiarize the participants

I bring to your attention 5 contests that will help you have fun and interesting time at your birthday, party and any holiday.
1. "Find" (duration - 15-20 minutes)
Participants are divided into pairs and become a friendAgainst a friend. Within 1 minute everyone should remember all the details of the appearance of his partner so that you can find it even with your eyes closed. After this, the facilitator asks participants to close their eyes and disperse in different directions. When the group thoroughly mixed up, the presenter asks, without opening his eyes, silently, to find his partner. The participants are looking for those signs that are remembered. Couples who have already found each other can step aside to facilitate the remaining search process.
2. "What I like about my neighbor on the right" (20-25 minutes)
The participants sit down in a circle and in turn speak,That they like in the neighbor on the right. For example, "In my neighbor on the right I like hair, lips, hands (especially the left one). When the whole circle passes, and all participants of the game have already spoken, the facilitator gives the command: "Now everyone should kiss what he likes in his neighbor on the right, what he called."
3. "Pantomime with an object"
The leader takes in hand any object chosen by him,For example, a shovel and with its help depicts something: a horse, a bar, a sword, a guitar, a violin, etc. Then passes the shovel to the next one so that the other will picture something. The subject can walk around in circles for a long time, as participants can come up with an infinite number of variations.
The subject must be selected so that it provides the greatest opportunities for pantomime.
4. "Do not let fall the ball" (10-15 minutes)
All participants are divided into an equal number (2Or 3 teams). Teams line up one after another (preferably alternating between girls and boys). The captains of the teams standing in front receive the ball, which they press their chin against their chest. At the command of the host, they must pass this ball to the next player without hands, so that it does not fall to the ground. In case the ball falls, the game begins with the player from whom it fell.
5. "Come home" (20-30 minutes)
The facilitator divides the participants into two teams. All are lining up in two columns facing the starting line. The task of each player to run to the stick, put the palm on its end. To the palm of your hand, lean your forehead and make 10 turns around the stick. After that, try to get to your team to pass the baton to the next participant.
The fact is that the participant who completed this task will have a hard enough time returning to his team.

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