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5 competitions for girls and boys 14

5 competitions for boys and girls 14-17 years old

The holiday can be made exciting by adding contests it. They not only help you relax, but also to get to know the participants

I offer you 5 competitions that will help fun and interesting to spend time at a birthday party, a party and any holiday.
1. "Nakhodka" (duration - 15-20 min)
Participants are split into pairs and are eachagainst each other. Within 1 minute one has to remember all the details of the appearance of his partner so that you can find it, even with your eyes closed. The master asks the participants to close their eyes and go in different directions. When a group of thoroughly mixed, leading asks, eyes closed, silently, to find their partner. Look for the signs for the participants who have memorized. Vapors which have found each other can move in the direction to relieve the remaining search process.
2. "What I like about my neighbor to the right" (20-25 minutes)
Participants sit in a circle and take turns saying something,what they like in the neighbor on the right. For example, "In my neighbor to the right, I like your hair, lips, arms (especially the left). When is the full range, and all the players have spoken, leading instructs: "And now everyone should kiss what he likes in his neighbor on the right, then he called."
3. "Pantomime with the subject"
Leading picks up any selected object to them,for example, the shovel and use it depicts something:. horse, post, sword, guitar, violin, etc. then transmits a shovel next to the other depicted anything. Item can walk around for a long time, since the participants can come up with an infinite number of variations.
The subject should be selected so that it provides the greatest opportunity for pantomime.
4. "Do not let the ball fall" (10-15 minutes)
All participants are divided into an equal number (23 or commands). Teams line up one after the other (preferably alternating between girls and boys). Captains, standing in front, get on the ball, they pressed her chin to her chest. At the command of the master they have to pass the ball to the next player without using their hands, so that he fell to the ground. If the ball drops, the game begins with the player whom he fell.
5. "Come Home" (20-30 minutes)
Facilitator divides participants into two teams. All are arranged in two columns facing the starting line. The objective of each player to reach the stick, put his hand on her end. By the palm rest my forehead and make 10 revolutions around the stick. After that, try to get to their team, to pass the baton to the next participant.
The fact that the party to perform the job, will be hard enough to even step back to his team.

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