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5 common mistakes when looking for work.

5 common mistakes when looking for work.

Most often, when looking for work, we assume a lot of errors.

As a result, time is running out and there is no work.

It is not necessary to consider the firm, in which there are no available jobs.

This error is one of the most popular. In fact, most companies and businesses have their own database of job seekers. If you applied to the company with the question of employment, then your contact details will be stored for a long time in the database, regardless of whether you have taken on the job or not. In the future, if the place is available, the personnel department, first use your own base and choose your favorite resumes. Perhaps among these summaries will be yours.

The summary should not be too long, not more than one page.

It is also very misleading. If you have something to say, you do not need to hide behind you about your qualities no one can say. But do not pour water, preferably more than facts and figures. Write, for example, that because of you, the previous company is a 20% increased their capital.

If I embellished himself in the summary, it would take me exactly.

Most often it is not. No, of course, it can and will work, but not a fact. In most cases, everything is revealed by another job step. And if your deception will open, the place you can not see exactly. It also happens that the applicants still get a job, but then, in the process, can not cope with the tasks.

Sending your CV to the company, and tomorrow you can go to work.

In fact, the labor market there is a hugecompetition. If you send the resume to the company do not have to think that you are the only contender for the post. Therefore, accounting summary that fully describe their best.

I have not been called back after the interview, then, did not take.

This error is also not allowed when searching for rareoperation. You do not call back, so call themselves, verify the results of the interview. Employers often delay a response, even if you are willing to take on the job.

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