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5 common mistakes when looking for work.


5 common mistakes when looking for work.</a>

Most often when looking for work, we make a lot of mistakes.

As a result, time passes, but there is no work.

Do not consider companies in which there are no vacancies.

This error is one of the most popular. In fact, most companies and firms have their own base of job seekers. If you asked the company about employment, then your contact information will be stored in the database for a long time, regardless of whether you were employed or not. In the future, if the place is vacated, the HR department will first use its own database and select the CVs you like. Perhaps, among these resumes will be yours.

A resume should not be too long, not more than one page.

This is also a big misconception. If you have something to say, then do not hide, for you about your qualities no one will say. But do not pour water, preferably more facts and figures. Write, for example, that thanks to you, the previous company increased its capital by 20%.

If I embellish myself in the resume, they will definitely take me.

Most often this is not so. No, of course, it can work, but it's far from the fact. In most cases, everything is revealed even at the stage of employment. And if your fraud is revealed, then you definitely can not see the place. It also happens that applicants still get a job, but then, in the process of work, can not cope with the tasks.

I will send a resume to the company and tomorrow I can go to work.

In fact, there is a hugecompetition. If you sent a resume to the company you do not need to think that you are the only applicant for the position. Therefore, when writing a resume, describe yourself as completely as possible from the best of the party.

I did not get a call back after the interview, so they did not take it.

This mistake is also rarely admitted in the searchWork. You have not been called back, so call yourself, specify the results of the interview. Employers are often delayed with an answer, even if they are ready to take you to work.

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