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5 books read in one breath

5 books read in one breath




"The Old Man and the Sea" by E. Hemingway
The extraordinary, moving, very sadstory. Brilliant work of genius writer. This is a philosophical story about the struggle, stoicism, the dedication. Loneliness in every phrase, every sentence.
From the side it looks like this: Santiago came to the old man by the sea, got into a boat and sailed for three days. Sailed with the catch, I went home and went to bed. But what happens in these three days, when the old man is left alone with the sea, Fish, thirst, tiredness. On this and says the maestro.
The story ends - is unclear. Perhaps, because nothing and no end. It's just a few days out of the ordinary life of an ordinary fisherman.


"Animal Farm," George. Orwell
Very instructive satire on human society. No, there is not described any particular mode, as in "1984". This is a book about people who are in any system are transformed into animals.
Very catchy phrase: "All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others. " The book is recommended reading for fans to speculate about politics.


"Portrait of Dorian Gray" O. Wilde
Beautiful classic. It makes you think, and does not let go for a few days after reading. The book tells the story of a young man who for eternal youth and beauty is paying too high a price. The realization came to him too late. "Why would a man the whole world if it hurt his heart?"
Be careful what you wish for, they have to come true.


"The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Children's book for adults. Or adult children's book. This story - a reminder for adults as they once were children, with their dreams, desires. The author speaks openly about the fact that there are adults who think only about the numbers, and he does not want to be one of them. After all, in this world there are things more important: real feelings, sincerity, friendship. A book for all ages and for all generations.


"A Clockwork Orange" by E. Burgess
"What is good and what is bad" - this is the essencethis book. It has no morality, it does not teach. She simply plunges you headlong into the mud, the atrocities of street youth. From it does not wash, do not run away. You can throw this book away, but sooner or later will still come back to it. She will not let go. It will force you to read himself to the end.
So what is this novel? About violence for the sake of violence. That's all. Reading the book, you will experience the whole range of the most vile, nasty emotions. Without exaggerating - it's a masterpiece!

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