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4 years: what a wedding

4 years: what a wedding

Linen wedding - so-called four years of family life.

The name is not accidental, because the flax - strong and durable fabric, as well as relations have become stable and strong for the time lived together.

Customs and traditions

With linen wedding associated with many rites. The wife was very weave linen fabric and sew from her sheet that the stela in the marriage bed in the anniversary day. Most interesting is that wove the web of a spouse only, while her husband was with her affectionate and gave gifts. If a spouse was good, and the sheet is longer and hid the bed completely. If he was not too attentive to his own half, the sheet was short. It was decorated with embroidery, openwork, lace. This sheet was valued as an heirloom and a treasured life.
In addition, his wife sewed and embroidered linen wifeshirt in which he welcomed visitors to the fourth wedding anniversary and it did not take off for the holiday. A wife wore that day a richly embroidered linen sundress. Another ancient rite - shedding spouses flax seeds to symbolize the strong and long term relationship.

As noted

Traditionally, linen wedding celebrated noisily incircle of friends. Throw a party, using crackers, garlands, balloons, holiday should be fun, with entertainment, games, competitions. On the table can be served the most simple dishes, but do not forget to decorate it with attributes of linen dates - a bed linen napkins or cloth and put in the middle of two figures, tied with linen cord or ribbon. In the old days such figures are made of a husband flax stems and store them until the next anniversary, and then solemnly burned.
The second title of the four-year wedding anniversary- Wax. Therefore, the room must be candle. Festive table in this day can not do without sweet pies, honey and other sweets. They needed to bring happiness and good luck.

What to gift

As a gift for the wedding guests four yearsteaches linen products - tablecloths, towels, napkins sets, bed linen, curtains, wall hangings, wall decorations rope. Linen products are more durable and will long remind of good friends.
According to ancient custom, it is necessary to give this daysmall dried sheaf or a bunch of blooming flax. The couple can give each other clothes made of linen. As a gift can also be beautiful candles, elegant chandeliers and candlesticks contemporary forms. And you can buy any gift and wrap it in a small bag of linen.

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