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4 years of marriage: what a wedding?

4 years of marriage: what a wedding?

By four years of marriage the couple become one, move on to a new stage of relations and acquire household goods. Young family becomes strong like flax.

From this came the name given wedding anniversary.

A flax, as you know - a symbol of prosperity and stability.

Linen wedding

Linen thread is quite strong, but not yetenough to easily overcome all adversity. It was at this time the family is no longer considered young, comes the crucial period of increasing wealth and the accumulation of wealth. Our ancestors called fourth wedding anniversary rope or wax. Rope because the couple at this time so take a strong liking to each other, as if they were tied with ropes unknown forces. By this time, the young do not have personal relationships praise and are increasingly turning to home and family life.

As previously noted linen wedding?

Flaxseed wedding in ancient times celebrated with no lessscale than the first years of life together. To this date carefully prepared. The woman had to hand sew the sheets of linen, which was covered with a bed and a day of celebration of the fourth anniversary of the wedding. Sheets decorated with lace or embroidery elements. Then store it with great honor.
Also, the spouse should otshit linen for husbandshirt and present with respect to the anniversary of the day. He, in turn, must take place in a new shirt all day. The woman wore a linen sundress embroidered patterns. Some traditions have survived to this day - to shower the couple with linen seeds. According to legend, it will bring into the marriage durability and strength of the relationship.

How better to mark the fourth anniversary of the wedding?

Since flax symbolizes prosperity in the family,celebrate wedding anniversary is better at home. The main attributes of the holiday must be linen napkins, table cloth, curtains or drapes. Spouses should be put on the linen items that need to meet the guests. The decoration of the rooms must be present wax candles, they do not ask to replace electric lighting, but also create a romantic and cozy atmosphere.
The celebration should beautify bouquet of flax thatIt is considered the main symbol of this wedding anniversary. Table may be present on both simple and intricate dishes. Do not spend a lot of time for cooking, it is better to spend it on the original script of the celebration. Let it is not a round number, but a celebration to be remembered for all guests.

What to give for a wedding linen?

It is believed that the fourth wedding anniversarythe young need to give tablecloths and bed linen. It is possible to present a set of linen napkins, candlesticks, towels or decorative candles. A great gift would be a tapestry. On linen wedding and give a bunch of flax or field is a potted plant or vase.

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