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4 ways to save up to 500 rubles each week

4 ways to save up to 500 rubles each week

Savings of 500 rubles a week, may not be a big savings.

However, if the sum savings for the full year, as a whole can accumulate quite a decent amount.



Making coffee at home
You thought of how much money you have spent on the purchase ofcoffee work? Some missing and two cups of coffee, others drink coffee all day long, and also double. Therefore, someone could spend a week just for this invigorating drink 100 rubles, and someone, and 500 rubles. Instead of buying a permanent coffee shop, cafeteria or coffee machine every day, take a morning coffee at home and bring it with you to work, pouring in a thermos or insulated cups.


More you walk
You always drive? Learn your route, not necessarily because constantly use their car and drive where you can walk. For example, park the car and walk, cut through the yards, instead of doing the hook on the machine, but still defend at traffic lights. Thus, you can save a little amount of gasoline, but even more useful is not for your wallet and health, because walking on foot burns calories and improves the overall tone of the body. If you have a car, it does not mean that you have to use it every day, at every convenient moment.


Plan to buy food
You buy food only to itsimply it was, and then throw away uneaten? When you plan meals carefully, you will know in advance what products you need for the week. For example, instead of buying six pieces of carrots, "just in case", you can buy only two, because you know exactly what you cook. If you plan all meals and snacks during the week, then you know that you will need and how much will spend approximately. Not buying unnecessary food you will save up to 500 rubles a week and even more, if the same will pay less attention to the flashy bright packaging of goods which are or want to buy, even if you do not need. Keep in mind that if you are leftovers, you can freeze them, which again saves your budget.


Borrow instead of buy
If you have planned an event for which you arenew outfit, not necessarily buy it. Ask your friends or girlfriends, maybe they have something suitable. Most likely, they have something there. This same idea is suitable, such as for books and DVD-ROM drive. You can borrow from friends, rented, or go to the library. In addition, the first to become better acquainted with any product, test it, because if you bought it, you could have something not fit or do not like.

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