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4 stages Ducane diet

4 stages Ducane diet

Every woman has a certain dream!

Someone wants to start a family, someone - to achieve career growth, someone - to be the richest, well, someone - just to lose weight.

Some women can be very difficult to get rid of the hated kilograms due to a number of reasons: the presence of disease, hormonal disorders, heredity.

Ducane diet can not only achieve the cherishedthe numbers on the scale, but also to fix it. The main purpose of the diet - eat as much as you. diet menu is built on the principle that people first of all needs proteins, but without carbohydrates and fats can easily manage.

Ducane Diet includes 4 stages.

1. Attack - 3-10 days. It should only eat protein, ie, veal or lamb, seafood, eggs, lemon, oatmeal, fruit, plenty of water.

In the first step the weight is reduced by 5.2 kg.

2. Cruise. Permission is granted to use the vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers), mushrooms, zucchini. At this stage, there is an alternation of the first two stages until until you reach the desired weight.

3. Consolidation - Consolidation of the departed kilogram. This phase time is calculated by the number of discarded kilograms, ie, if dropped 2 kg, the duration of 20 days, if 5 kg, then 50 days, etc.

Added to eat bread, starchy foods, and rice with potatoes.

4. Stabilization - Daily consume 2 liters of water once a week to arrange a day of receiving the protein.

Remember that in addition to dieting, you need to move as much as possible! Therefore, try to walk a little more, and instead of the elevator use the stairs.

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