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4 designer rules

4 designer rules

The main problem of any designer is not in search of inspiration, and perseverance and effectiveness. There are 4 basic rules that every designer should know.

They will allow you to become more productive and successful.



Do not work with everyone clients. Take orders only those people who you really like. Practice shows that it is better to take the cheapest of good order with the customer than in bad road. Constant nagging and comments are destroying any motivation, which ultimately will lead to hostility towards work.


Do not get a job, if possible. Freelancing gives the designer much more flexibility than conventional rentals. Besides that you will be able to earn more money, you will be to determine how much work, how to take orders and how to plan your free time.


More practice. Knowledge of the theory - it is certainly a necessary characteristic of any designer, but it is the practice determines the level of your professionalism. What do you think, to what the surgeon often people turn: to those who recently came out of high school, or to someone who has already done hundreds of operations? Of course, more experienced. In the case of a design similar to the situation.


Less is not always good. Many designers believe that it is better to perform less work, but to make them better quality. Experience shows that increasing the amount of work does not affect the quality. However, the resulting income may differ significantly.

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