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4 receptions to arrange for an interlocutor


Not all people manage to quickly establish good relations. Sometimes the conversation is literally not glued, despite all attempts. However, there are 4 receptions, which will allow you to locate your interlocutor.

How to arrange an interlocutor



First, tell us about yourself. It happens that contact does not come about simply because the person does not trust you enough. A short story about yourself will help to find common topics for conversation and will make the interlocutor more loyal.


Speak sincerely and kindly. Cheating is felt on a subconscious level. The conversation is unlikely to go in the right direction, if a person sees that you are not telling something. Aggression affects exactly the same. Behave yourself restrained and do not forget about the sense of humor.


Listen to the interlocutor. The problem of so many people is that they do not know how to listen at all. During the dialogue, the interlocutor can express some important thoughts and if he notices that you are not paying attention, then his desire to continue communication will quickly disappear. Try, first of all, to understand another, and only then express yourself.


Say nice things. Negative negates negative. Few people want to communicate with a person who constantly complains and is not happy with everything. Try to say positive, life-affirming things, smile and praise the interlocutor. It is not necessary to roll down to sycophancy. Find something that really helps a person feel better.

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