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4 for advice on how to select batteries

4 for advice on how to select batteries

These days, batteries - the perfect power source for small appliances and electronics, which helps a little to get rid of the wires.

Despite the fact that most manufacturers are now trying to produce its own batteries and chargers from conventional batteries is too early to give up.

You just need to know how to choose the right.



Decide on the equipment. Miscellaneous machines consume different amounts of energy, so those batteries, which for many years provided the life of your console can quite approach the camera. Depending on the power, you need different types of power supply.


Select the type of electrolyte. Devices with low power suitable zinc-carbon batteries and salt, with a mean power - alkaline, with high power - lithium and silver.


Depending on the purpose, select normal orrechargeable batteries. The former tend to have lower cost and higher capacity. The latter have the ability to recharge, but they are also gradually shorten life.


Alkaline, lithium and silver batteries are veryexpensive, but they are able to work for a long time and have time to recoup itself several times. Note the packing. Manufacturers of quality products always indicate the type of electrolyte on the front side, and the large Russian letters.

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