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4 reasons for women's tardiness at work


Very sad when you arrive on timeThe work was prevented for some 5-10 minutes. And the lover complains that the delays in the meetings began to be repeated more often. What is the reason? Is discipline always to blame or, perhaps, the reason lies in something else, more serious?

Being late for work

The habit of a person is often late in terms ofMedicine - a signal about the help of certain areas of the brain. By the way, these zones are responsible for attention and ability to remember. But if the situation is not aggravated, then we can find several reasons for the constant delays in ourselves and in our daily routine.

Late arriving at work: the most frequent reasons

1) Elementary nonsassembly. The lack of skills for fast, harmonious and productive work is inherent in some people almost from birth. They remember important matters at the last moment, they can not find even one thing or another in their own house, they hurry and forget. In a word, they lead a chaotic lifestyle. But to solve the problem is quite simple. It is enough to just fold the bag to work from the evening and start a diary where to record meetings, plans and important matters.

2) Car plugs. It is necessary to be ready for the probability of occurrence of this or that force majeure on the road. The solution to the problem is to leave the house a little earlier. It's much better than running at the last minute.

3) Make-up. For many women, finding the golden mean between beauty and punctuality is not an easy task. After all, before work they are ready to put themselves in order for hours! Perhaps, it affects the fact that in the morning most people are unattractive or it is simply inability to correctly allocate time. However, the fact remains that every clock ciliated with a clock and symmetrically deduced "arrow" brings such a woman to the boss's reprimand - after all, who will like it when an employee, even if she carefully glances her appearance, comes to work an hour after her start.

4) Drowsiness. Nedosyp - the reason for many delays. Therefore, it should be thoughtful: do you really need all these movie watching late and social gatherings until early in the morning?

There is only one way out: Either settle their leisure time in favor of a rash, or, in general, quit their job. After all, the patience of superiors is also not unlimited. And sometimes the leadership is silent not because it does not see such a violation of discipline or does not know about it - but only because it hopes until the latter to independently re-educate a constantly late subordinate.

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