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3D glasses with your hands


3d glasses with your hands</a>

Now various 3D movies have become popular.

But if you have not experienced all the delights of 3D images, it's the most to see the world of 3D images in glasses made with your own hands.

You will need

  • - Rim from glasses (or old glasses)
  • - Blue and red felt-tip pen (alcohol)
  • - Plastic film (transparent)
  • - Scissors



Carefully use a small screwdriver to unscrew the clamping bolts and remove old lenses from the rim.


Draw on the transparent film the outline of a new lens for 3D glasses, for this you can use the pulled out lens as a template.


On a circled office, cut two plastic lenses with scissors.


The right lens should be neatly painted blue, the left lens, respectively, in red.


Insert the resulting lens into the frame. If the lenses are not inserted, because they turned out a little more, just trim the excess. And most importantly - do not mix colors.


Put on your glasses and check their performance by watching any movie in 3D.

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