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3 ways to use rose petals


Unfortunately, roses - flowers are short-lived and quickly fade, even if they are donated from the heart. To throw out such beauty it is a pity, therefore it is possible to present a second life to dried flowers.

Bath with rose petals

If you have a free evening, pamper yourselfA luxurious bathroom with dry rose petals. Type in a bath of comfortable temperature water, add a handful of petals, a few drops of your favorite essential oil or 1 glass of milk. You can light scented candles, turn on a slow quiet music or put on your face a mask of your own preparation. This procedure will help to relax with the benefit of the skin.


Make a fragrant sachet of dried rose petals, which can be used as a bast or scent of indoor air. Pour the petals</a> In a plate and sprinkle with rose oil - thisWill help to renew or enhance their fragrance. If desired, you can add dry petals of cornflower or neroli, verbena, herbs or spices. Finished the composition put in a small bag of natural flax or organs and tie. Sasha is ready to use.

Cosmetics from rose petals

From the petals of roses you can make a beautiful andUseful bath salt. Crush the dry raw material to a powdery state. Mix it with sea salt without flavors and add a few drops of rose oil and neroli oil. Transfer the mixture into a jar and close it tightly. Leave the salt in a warm place for 6 days.

Shredded dry petals can be added to scrubs or self-made masks.

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