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3 most popular breeds of dogs


In the world there are dogs of different breeds with a variety of uses. However, some breeds have grown fond of people much more than all the others.

3 most popular breeds of dogs

  • Laika

Laika is a breed of dogs that relates toGroup of Spitz and their protatypes. Laika is a hunting breed used for a long time in Russia for hunting bear, fur-bearing animals and ungulates, as well as for forest and waterfowl. While searching for the victim, the husky attracts the bounty hunter with his bark, and if the prey goes away, the husky silently pursues it. In the European part, hunting was more aristocratic, and hounds were used as hunting dogs. But the husk, as the most ancient hunting breed of dogs, remained in a preserved form in the regions of the Russian North and Siberia. Currently, there are 6 large breeds of Lycie, such as Russian-European Laika and Yakut Laika. And 3 breeds, which are also essentially husky: the Finnish Spitz, the Korel-bear dog, and the black and gray Norverzhsky Elkhound.

  • Yorkshire Terrier

<P> The Yorkshire Terrier is a breed popular inYorkshire in the 18th - 19th centuries among peasants. They could not keep large dogs, and so they started small terriers, so that they hunted rodents. Yorkies of that time were slightly larger: they weighed around 6-7 kg, in contrast to 2-5 kg ​​now. In 1886 the breed of Yorkshire terriers was officially recognized, and in 1898 the first York club was opened. By the way, their owners are not only glamorous divas, but also Jean-Paul Belmondo? And Bruce Willis are proud owners of dogs of this breed.

  • Labrador

The Labrador breed begins its history in the 19th century,And the first breed standard was established in 1887. For a long time only black color was recognized, but later brown and fawn became the permissible colors. Adult dogs breed labrador growth from half a meter and with a weight of 27 to 40 kg. Initially, Labradors were working dogs, and still many of them are used as dog-guards, girlfriend dogs and rescue dogs. Labrador is a very popular breed, and one of them even appears in the famous TV series "Lost" under the name Vincent.

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