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25 tips on how to become a successful person


Success is a relative concept. For each successful life is its own. Someone wants to become president, someone wants to receive $ 100,000 a month, doing nothing, and for someone, success is the achievement of his children. And we will proceed from the fact that success is the achievement of one's goal. And to achieve the goal is impossible without certain qualities.

Secrets of success
1. Set a specific goal. Success comes to the one who firmly knows what he needs. If your goal is too global, divide it into several micro-objectives and achieve the fulfillment of each item.

2. Plan and reflect. Use any free minute to schedule your next activities. And when you get down to business, you will know what to do.

3. Bring it all to the end. The main sign of successful people is the projects completed to the end. You can stop halfway to the goal for various reasons - due to difficulties, due to laziness, lack of motivation or even for some reason. But you should not give up halfway. On the other hand, if the task is too much for you, you are overtaken by a series of failures - it is better to retreat, and not to be like an ass that smashes a wall against your forehead.

4. Do not put your hands in front of difficulties. As Nietzsche said, "anything that does not kill us makes us stronger." Difficulties only reinforce the character. If you set a goal, you will not be stopped by any difficulties. And overcome obstacles - a new experience for successful plans.

5. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes are also an experience. Success does not come by itself. For success you have to pay failure. As Edison liked to repeat with another failure, "I now know 99 ways how not to invent a light bulb. It remains to find 1 way how to do it. "

6. Do not despair in any circumstances. Despair, lack of hope, disbelief in one's own strengths are the lot of losers. Successful people always remain optimists, look to the future with hope and do not reproach themselves for past mistakes.

7. Do not blame others for your failures. Only you are guilty of your failures. It's a bad tone - to dump your troubles on others. Think about why you did not manage to achieve success, draw conclusions and do yourself better.

8. Do not be afraid to start over. If you start something in the second, the third or even the hundredth time - it's not from scratch. You have experience, as it is no longer necessary. Therefore, starting with a "clean slate" in any case will not work. Just do not repeat past mistakes.

9. Do not reproach yourself for the past. Do not delve into the "dirty linen" of past failures. So you will never have self-confidence. Of course, you should not ignore mistakes. It is better to draw conclusions about how to prevent them in the future, and to remember at leisure is success.

10. Do the work consistently. Do not handle one hundred things at once - you are not Julius Caesar. It is proved that the human brain can not cope with multitasking. Therefore, it is better to finish one thing qualitatively, and then to take another. So success will come.

eleven. Give time to work every day. If you have a goal, for example, writing the coolest blog on computer topics, give the posts a certain amount of time every day. Tell your neighbors that you are working, say, 1 hour from 19.00 to 20.00 so that they do not bother you, and do work at this time. Only systematic will help you to complete the work - and to succeed.

12. Begin with the draft. If you can not do something "nabelo" (for example, make a business plan or write a new chapter of the book), this is not an excuse to postpone the matter. Write at least a draft. Next time there will already be a "base", from which you will make a "whitish".

13. Arrange the order in time, kill the chronophags. Think about how much time you spend on social networking, games, conversations with neighbors, watching television? Eliminate all this - and you will have time for real deeds. Successful people appreciate every minute.

14. Read more. Yes, reading develops our mind. Reading good literature not only enriches our vocabulary, but also develops the imagination and teaches the basics of human psychology. All this, of course, is needed for a successful person.

15. Do not hesitate to ask. A successful leader is not a know-it-all, but one who is not afraid to ask and learn new things. Sometimes subordinates can teach their boss a lot.

16. Continue your education. You graduated from school and the institute - is that all? No, our time requires a person of versatility. To succeed, you have to understand many things. Do not get hung up on one thing. Now many different courses and seminars. It is worth getting a couple of additional diplomas or even a degree.

17. If you do not want to do anything, do not do anything! Do not rape your brain. If the head wants to relax, rest. Listen to good music, watch an interesting movie, take a stroll with your family to the forest. Remember: horses are dying from work. And you are far from a horse.

18. Eat right. The food should be balanced. Then the right substances come to the brain, and nothing superfluous is deposited under the skin. A healthy body is the guarantee of a healthy mind - and success!

19. Move more. You can even enroll in the gym. Well, or run around the house in the morning. Most successful people lead a healthy and active lifestyle. And no bad habits!

20. Involve friends and acquaintances in your work. Tell us about your goals and the plans of others, ask about their goals. Maybe you can help each other? It will be just great - you will have a team. A team to achieve success is easier.

21. Do not do work just for the sake of money. Money is not enough motivation. Work should be fun. You must feel that you are benefiting people. The hack is quickly boring.

22. Get the money to work for you. If one of your goals is money, do not save them and sit on them, like Plyushkin. Money should make money. Put them into circulation, let the money help you reach your goal and become successful.

23. Do not forget about yourself and your family. Everything that you do must be meaningful. Your goal is not the meaning of your existence, your success is only a component of a full life. The main focus should be on yourself and your family. And for whom do you achieve success?

24. Get rid of bad habits. Smoking, alcohol, especially drug addiction - a way to nowhere. With them, success is not achieved. All this must be thrown. And to lead a healthy HLS!

25. Smile more often! If you smile, others will reach out to you. And you yourself will be fine on your mind. And with joy in the soul to achieve success is easier!

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