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15 signs that you are an introvert

15 signs that you are an introvert

Do you consider yourself an introvert?

Keep this secret under wraps?

Find out why being an introvert is not only interesting, but also useful.

Symptoms, which can determine a person introvert:

1. Do you often feel fear, being in the crowd.
2. Do you prefer to sit back and not work.
3. Your inner world is rich, but you will rarely disclose their thoughts and emotions of others.
4. Do you like to spend time alone.
5. You do not like small talk.
6. Do you discuss your favorite topics and personal with a family.
7. Do you prefer to listen rather than talk.
8. Do you often take time off from work to be alone.
9. Do you have a few close friends and a few acquaintances.
10. Do you prefer to do everything yourself.
11. You often are locked in a room.
12. You become irritable after a conversation with strangers.
13. You will not easily reveal their feelings to others.
14. I enjoy creative activities.
15. You're a little shy.

If you answered at least 10 questions "yes", thenfeel free to tell yourself that you are an introvert! Introverts are very difficult to be in the company of strangers, they are hard to reveal their feelings and talk about the innermost thoughts. If among your relatives or friends have introverts try to support them and help in communication.

Being an introvert - it's amazing. Remember, it is better not to keep your feelings to yourself, and give them the will, if possible. Use your creativity in your work, and you will succeed.

Pros introvert: quiet, calm, a little irritable, hard-working and assiduous. For neither was taken to an introvert, he always will bring any matter to the end and do it perfectly.

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