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15 safest countries to visit

15 safest countries to visit

Going on vacation, it is important not only wellrelax, get to know the country and its cultural values, but also to be confident in the security of the social and political conflicts, terrorist and military operations.



Denmark. It tops the list of the safest countries in the world with a steady flow of life. Even when the Danish capital was occupied by the Nazis during the Second World War, it did not take part in hostilities. That's because the Danes prefer to solve economic issues rather than take part in various armed conflicts. Residents of Denmark are characterized by their kindness, openness and responsiveness.


Norway. This is one of the most peaceful, friendly countries with comfortable conditions for living. Norway - a country with the highest human development index. One of the main priorities of the country, which the Oslo government always puts in the first place, is the observance of public order.


Singapore. It gained its independence as a sovereign Republic in 1965. He pursued a policy of maintaining social, peaceful, economic, cordial relations with all countries. Singapore also participates in various global, unilateral and multilateral organizations to promote international cooperation. Singapore today - one of the safest and richest countries in the world with low crime rates.


Slovenia. This beautiful European country with low crime and a low level of organized internal conflict. In addition, its large cities such as Maribor and Ljubljana, filled with a unique culture. In Slovenia, you can make a trip to the picturesque Lake Bled and Bohinj, visit the Triglav National Park and Shkotsianskie cave. Moreover, Slovenia is known for its health and health resorts.


Sweden. One of the most beautiful Scandinavian country is Sweden, located in the far north of Europe. Although it is one of the largest arms exporters in Europe, the country has a low level of robberies. In addition, Sweden adheres to neutral policy and is not involved in any wars and conflicts for the past two centuries, and today for many is an exemplary model of a developed society.


Iceland. It also takes place in this list due to non-participation in the world's conflicts. Iceland almost never gets the headlines, with the exception of the financial crisis in the country in 2008-2009. Iceland - a wonderful place with an impressive nature, huge glaciers and raging volcanoes, as well as with numerous unique natural and cultural attractions in Reykjavik, the capital of the country.


Belgium. One of the best and safest countries to live, located in the heart of Europe, can be called Belgium. This small country has a special place. Brussels, capital of Belgium, is the headquarters of the European Union and NATO. Belgium boasts towns with medieval architecture, the beautiful town hall, stately castles and stunning nature.


Czech Republic. In 1993, as a result of the Velvet Revolution and the peaceful division of Czechoslovakia, on world maps, two new countries - the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is mainly focused on building a strong capitalism in the country and a stable investment environment with the development of high-level human capital. Tourists from all over the world come to the Czech Republic, to admire the magnificent capital of Prague, breathtaking natural beauty of the mountains and visit the popular spa town of Karlovy Vary.


Switzerland. The Swiss maintain a well-functioning government and an open policy. Thanks to good governance in the country, Switzerland received the lowest rating of political instability, as well as entered into the list of the most peaceful countries in the world with low levels of violent crime. Many international and global political issues Switzerland adheres to neutrality, at the same time maintaining close diplomatic relations with the various world countries.


Japan. This is one of the countries with a charming culture, the third-largest economy in the world thanks to its development of high technology. Japan did not take part in any armed conflict since the Second World War, with the exception of a small internal contradictions in the country. Now its main focus is to maintain peaceful relations with neighboring countries and maintain a low level of crime.


Ireland. With its rich historical sites, amazing green pastures and friendly people, it is not surprising that Ireland is one of the safest countries in the world. Nevertheless, the country is slightly elevated levels of religious internal conflict between Protestants and Catholics. Despite this fact, Ireland is a fantastic country with a lot of reasons for tourism. Her rich literary history, picturesque coast and the legendary hospitality make Ireland a great place to visit at any time of the year.


Finland. One of the most peaceful countries with good conditions for life, which is not distinguished by its warlike character, is Finland. The development of the education system in Finland is one of the main tasks. Today, it closes the top five countries with the highest levels of education in the world.


New Zealand. It is a country with beautiful nature and diverse landscapes. Tourists from all over the world come to New Zealand to see the stunning scenery, alpine meadows and glaciers, geysers, lakes, tropical forests, beaches and volcanoes. The country is also famous for its fine wines, which are cultivated for the production of a large number of grape varieties planted throughout New Zealand.


Canada. One of the best standards of living - in Canada, the second largest country in the world by area, with a population of about 33 million people.. Clean and safe city, picturesque landscapes and very friendly people describe Canada as a beautiful and peaceful country, not involved in the political and military conflicts, despite the fact that it has a relatively high military potential.


Austria. It is on the list because of its position in international politics, in spite of the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1919-1920. and active military position during the world wars. Now Austria completes the list of peaceful countries, which is known for its resorts in the exciting spirit of the Alps and the spectacular cultural centers, such as Vienna.

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