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14 ideas to help to live, not to exist

14 ideas to help to live, not to exist

At Unfortunately, many people live a life in vain, and all because they live by inertia.

In other words, as there is, and there is.

At first glance, it seems quite common and even normal.

One only has to look back, and you will immediately realize that life is lived in vain.

No need to miss it, live to the fullest!

It's very simple.



Love rules the World. It is important in our lives. That it makes us human. Love your family, love all around the world!


Nature. After all, it is so beautiful. It needs only to understand and feel. Do not sit at home on the computer, it happens more often in the open air and enjoy all that nature has given us.


Learn to appreciate the food. When you eat, think only about food and enjoy its taste and aroma. Eat slowly, you no one is in a hurry. Eat as many fruits and vegetables.


Wake up early in the morning, meeting with a smile, a new day. Tell yourself that you are never to miss such a beautiful day!


Oddly enough, but the excitement is also fills our lives. Think about what you most care about in the world and is sure to follow it. Life will turn into an exciting adventure.


Think and decide that youreally important and interesting in this life. Find your calling. Fill your life with meaning. Always remember that we live only once. Strive toward their goals blindly and irrevocably.


Do not watch TV whole day long. Your favorite movie is not going anywhere. You can always watch it when you want to. And stop watching the news, there's too much negative information. Read books.


Positive and good humor - the key to a successful day. Try to replace all your negative thoughts to positive ones. One has only to try, and then it will be done by itself.


Not to close to other people. If you have any problems, then share them with loved ones. Give kindness and love unconditionally.


If you are haunted by fears, then they will constantly interfere with live fully. They need to fight, looking directly into their eyes.


Are you suffering? Then do not hide their emotions! Cry if you want to cry. Sometimes it is very useful. No need to constantly build from a strong man, that all for no nothing. Sometimes, we just need this to go forward with renewed vigor.


Try as much as possible to communicate with children. No one knows better how to live in the moment, apart from them. Learn from their sincerity.


Laughter prolongs life. And it's hard to disagree. Laugh heartily to abdominal cramps. It is not only nice, but also very useful.


Try to make new and unusual things. After all, there is so much more interesting! Live here and now! Know how to appreciate life!

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