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13 ways to tie a scarf

13 ways to tie a scarf

Scarf - unrivaled daily accessory.

Tying the same scarf in different ways, you will get a whole new element of the wardrobe that complements your image.

You will need

  • -scarf
  • -platok



French knot.
Fold the scarf in half, making a loop. Put it on the neck, on the one hand we have a loop on the other two ends of the scarf. Take the upper end of the scarf and threaded in a loop. Then take the bottom end of the scarf, and hold in the loop, but on the lower side. Spreads and tighten the resulting knot.


Necklace from a node.
Wrap the scarf neck. Take one end of the scarf and wrap around your hands. Pull the end through the loop, we got a knot. Take the other end of the scarf and run it through the knot formed in the previous step. Flatten and tighten the resulting knot at your discretion.


Take a shawl or a scarf folded in half. Fold it diagonally, the ends in a knot bind. We put a scarf over her head unit back wrap around the neck a number of times.


Bilateral scarf.
Fold two handkerchief wrong side together. We wrapped around the neck, straighten scarves so that everyone could see.


cape scarf.
The easiest and most common way to wear a scarf. Just throw with a scarf over her shoulders.


Tight knot
Take a long scarf, one end of a short leave. We wrap the other end of the neck two or more times. The ends of the associate and dressed with a scarf.


Volume unit.
Make a loop scarf dress over her head. The loop is in the front, the rear ends of the scarf, the scarf or pull, the loop has to be bulk. We translate ends ahead tying. Spreads loop and close it previously obtained assembly.


Knotted scarf cape.
Throw a scarf over her shoulders. Tying the ends behind, tight tighten. Node raise as high as possible. Spreads scarf on the shoulders and pulling him down.


A classic scarf.
Make a loop is passed through the head scarf. The loop is in the front, the rear ends of the scarf. We toss the ends forward, straighten the scarf.


Braided Scarf.
Take a long scarf, put his neck. Take the right-hand end, we whipped him on the left and hold it through the loop from the bottom up. Now take the left end, intersecting with the right, and so the same conclusion in a loop from the bottom up. Repeat this action until the end of the scarf. Spreads resulting braid, the remaining ends of the scarf associate.


Scarf harness.
Wrapped a scarf around his neck. Then, each end of the winding loop formed from a scarf.


Dual loop.
We wrapped a scarf around his neck twice. Take one end and draw wound down through the loop. Tying the ends of the scarf together.


Classic site.
Fold scarf in half. Throw a scarf. The front ends of the handkerchief spend through the loop, straighten.

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