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12 ways to improve your self-esteem

12 ways to improve your self-esteem

Low self-esteem - it is a problem of many people, does not fully reveal their potential and live life to the fullest. Increase self-esteem is never too late.

The main thing to know some of the rules and follow them.

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Do not compare yourself with others. There will always be people who have more than you do, and you have less. Occupying oneself constant comparisons, you're tangled up in a huge number of imaginary opponents, which you can not beat. Apperciate things which you have.


Stop blame and blame themselves, notuse negative statements with regard to their qualities, character, appearance, financial condition and other aspects of life. Never use the self-defeating phrases. Emphasize the achievements and positive qualities!


Choose to communicate confident, positiveminded people who are ready to lend a helping hand and support! From your surroundings and very much depends. If you are surrounded by negative-minded people, always suppress all your ideas, unhappy life and society, your self-esteem will only decrease. Limit contact with such personalities.


Try to do what you like. Pay attention to what gives you a sense of self-worth, a pleasure and helps to develop.


Make a list of your positive qualities. They must be at least 20! Write them down on a piece of paper and through periodically. This will help you not only achieve your potential, but will provide an opportunity to focus on your positive qualities.


Make a list of your accomplishments. This is your personal victory, success and joy. Regularly review this list. Close your eyes, feel again all the moments of success.


Use as a book, record, training,workshops on self-esteem. Remember, everything that you allow into your golovu- affects you and your self-esteem. So try not to watch TV shows negative.


Give more! It's not about money, but concerns actions. Help the needy, support in word and deed. This is sure to increase not only the mood, but also a sense of self-worth.


Live your own life and be true to yourself. Refer to your mind and feelings. Tips others should not be decisive in your choice.


Accept praise and compliments. Do not dismiss them with phrases like: "Oh, nothing special." Say "thank you" and enter it in the list of their achievements.


Use frazy- approval toimprove self-esteem. Place the card in a visible place (and a postcard .t.d.) With the inscription: "I love and accept myself", "I am a happy, successful person," and so forth.


Existing and developing! Not only accumulate knowledge, but also to actively use them in practice. Answer the call of destiny, and you will feel a pleasant change in his outlook.

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