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Choose apartment

Selection of apartments - an important and complex.

To find a suitable accommodation, sometimes you have to get dozens of dwellings.

In one there is something suitable - for example, excellent layout, but there is no repair. The other apartment has a good repair, but definitely need to change floors.

And can it be that the apartment is large enough in all respects, but the criticism is an area where it is located.

Choose an apartment - to find a balance between your needs and the fact that there is.



Even before viewing the apartment to vote nextarea of ​​residence. How far from the shops, stops, kindergartens or schools located house, comfortable whether check, whether the lack of parking areas, whether there is a playground for children, where they could play your children. Equally important is whether your child will have to cross the road at a campaign in school, and you yourself get to work.


Before going into the apartment remember roulette. Measure everything you need: a place for the future refrigerator, washing machine, beds and so on. It makes sense to even measure the width of doorways, because if some thing your not folding, for example, a refrigerator, not fit into the apartment, will have to buy a new one.


Note quality windows. Even if the windows are plastic, should carefully examine them - there are some defects, especially they put "anyhow" just to make it and to sell more expensive apartment. If the wooden window - this is not a reason to abandon the purchase. Some wooden frames at times better than plastic.


Check counters. According to modern requirements, their presence is not a must - it is mandatory. If there are no counters, they have to put their own expense. And it costs. They can be subtracted from the total value of the apartment.


In modern houses the hot water supply system insubstantially closed, i.e. water is pumped around. But some, most old houses open loop. Then, if your apartment is located on the upper floors, you will have a fairly long wait for hot water gets to your tap.


If the apartment is located on the top floor,directly under the roof, check for the presence of the ceiling drips. These apartments look better after the rain. If fresh whitewash the ceiling, it is an occasion to reflect.


First floor - the same drawbacks. For example, the smell of the cellar. During the summer, the smell can be unbearable. If you can, go down to the basement and inspect it.


See what the window. For example, if a building - whether your child will be able to sleep during the day when hammers beating fast. And if garbage cans - think about what the smell of them will be in the midst of the heat.


Check the quality of the repair. It happens that the owners or realtors, preparing to sell an apartment quickly pasted wallpaper on the most prominent place, "forgetting" glues them for wardrobes and beds. After moving you will find the "white spots" or "black holes".


Rate the quality of the sexes. If the floors creak and fail, you will most likely have to change them, but it is rather expensive and troublesome.


Please rate the quality of the plumbing. If flowing faucet or toilet tank, it's not a problem - so plumbing is inexpensive, and it can always be replaced. But if the flow tube or mold on the ceiling - it runs the risk of such repairs fly "a lot of money."


Talk to the neighbors. Top spy - her grandmother on the benches. Oh, they do tell all about the pros and cons of the house and its inhabitants. Find out the whole story, you'll have an idea of ​​whether you take an apartment in the house or choose another.

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