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The laws of social organization = -

All types of social organizations, something similar and something different. This is not surprising, because they are composed primarily of people with different character and temperament.

In the course of history have formed certain laws that optimize human activities within the business.

Consider the major ones.



Law interpretation of new information: the more knowledge on a particular subject you have, the faster is the assimilation of new material. Accordingly, the qualification of employees must continually improve.


Posts clarity Law: the more varied will be presented to the material (tables, diagrams, videos, etc.), the higher the clarity.


Installation Act: in any information message one hears first of all that he tuned in to hear. Therefore, at the beginning of any meeting is necessary to determine the main goal.


Law sustainability information: information obtained in the first place will always be more reliable than the secondary. Therefore, to bring new information to the employees to be as fast as possible.


Law optimum loading: each person has a certain standard of work by performing which he will reach the highest results. A large amount of the employee is able to scare, small - makes nothing.


The law of competition: developing a spirit of competition between individual employees or departments of the enterprise work efficiency is improved.


The law of democracy: allowing employees to participate in the management of the company, you can significantly enhance work motivation. In addition, most employees will be more creative in the process, increase the responsibility and interest in the results.


Law of the systems management solutions: management decision, regardless of scale and complexity, should be thoroughly elaborated and analyzed.


The law of social harmony: developing a social culture within the company, you will increase productivity and efficiency.


The law to be effective: any target companies need to achieve the most efficient way.


Law of scientific validity: any management decisions should be based on the application of scientific approaches and methods.


Law of identity: any organization has the structure, the use of which allows to achieve the most effective results.

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