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11 products that will change your figure


If you ate a cake with a cream and, having eatenA miracle product, you want to neutralize your gastronomic frenzy, we want to upset you - there are no such products. Excess calories and an excess of fat will help burn only enhanced exercise and restriction in eating. But there are foods that help digestion, speed up the metabolic processes slightly and participate in the assimilation of food. These are the 11 products.

Product number 1 - grapefruit

The most affordable and very popular product forSlimming is a grapefruit. It reduces insulin in the blood. Thanks to insulin, the body stores substances for the future and increases the fatty layer. Help to get rid of these stocks grapefruit. It is enough to have one glass of fresh, squeezed juice or half of this fruit after eating. With its help metabolism and metabolism will be accelerated. By the way, all citrus fruits are endowed with similar properties. They also cleanse our toxins and toxins well and improve immunity.

Product number 2 - pineapple

The most famous fat burner is pineapple. And it is true. In pineapple, there is bromelin - an enzyme that helps to break down the protein. It is pineapple that will help to digest fish, meat, dairy products. It also contains organic acids, dietary fiber, is rich in iron, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iodine, vitamins of group B and A. Pineapple also improves digestion, participates in the dilution of blood. In this regard, it is recommended to eat it fresh after eating. But to use just a fresh product or juice, and not canned lobules and juices. Separately, I would like to say about contraindications. Pineapple is not recommended for people with a sick gastrointestinal tract, with high acidity of the stomach, with a stomach ulcer. Do not eat it on an empty stomach. After eating pineapple, it is recommended to rinse your mouth, as pineapple juice can harm your teeth.

Product number 3 - ginger

Good warming and burning spice ginger. Ginger improves blood circulation around the stomach and thus promotes digestion of food. At the end of the feast, it is recommended to eat a slice of salted ginger to improve digestion. Another ginger is good to use in the morning as a tea. Finely chopped pieces of ginger pour boiling water and add honey and lemon to your taste. This drink will wake up and give energy for the whole day.

Now about who is not recommended to eat ginger: people who have gastritis, cholelithiasis, suffering from cardiovascular diseases. It is not desirable to pregnant women.

Product number 4 - fermented milk products

Sour-milk products, low-fat, such asCottage cheese, yogurt, yogurt, contain calcitriol. Calcitriol is a hormone that provides our body with calcium, causes our cells to get rid of fats. Still sour-milk products contain bacteria that improve digestion and metabolism. A milk protein, which is in large quantities in milk whey, accelerates fat metabolism, which leads to a rapid reduction in the fatty layer.

Product number 5 - cabbage

Another miracle product is cabbage. Cabbage contains a lot of fiber, with the help of which our digestion improves and the body clears from toxins. In addition to cellulose in cabbage, there are vitamins of group A, E, C, K, B, PP, trace elements of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, fluorine, manganese and very necessary amino acids.

Product number 6 - cinnamon

Cinnamon is a famous spice, it helpsReduce fat on the abdomen. With the help of cinnamon, blood sugar is stabilized and reduced, metabolism is accelerated, and cravings for sweets are reduced. The smell of cinnamon creates a feeling of satiety, sweetness and appeasement. Unfortunately, in baking cinnamon loses all its properties, so it is recommended to use it with fruit salads and desserts from berries.

But there is cinnamon and contraindications. It is not recommended to eat for pregnant women and people with liver diseases.

Product number 7 - water

Water is the main participant in the processes of metabolism,If the body lacks water, the metabolism stops and the body starts to accumulate water, hence the swelling, fat reserves, because fat is a lot of water. Very often thirst is confused with a feeling of hunger, so if you want to eat, drink first a glass of water and the feeling of hunger will go away. I want to note that quench your thirst properly with drinking water, without additives. Various drinks in the form of tea, juice, mors are not included in the necessary daily rate of drinking water (an average of 2 liters). But coffee and sweet sodas dehydrate the body.

Product number 8 - horseradish

Horseradish is a unique plant that growsAlmost everywhere, except the coldest areas of the north. Even the ancient Egyptians used it in the preparation of various dishes and for medicinal purposes. He is good at metabolizing, promoting digestion, adjusting the work of the intestines, thus preventing excess food from becoming fat and clogging up the body.

But there are contraindications. It is not recommended for use to people with diseased kidneys, liver and stomach. Even from horseradish is recommended to refuse to nursing and pregnant women.

Product number 9 - papaya

A remarkable fruit of papaya, contains papain -An enzyme that helps break down proteins and fats in the human stomach. Therefore, this fruit is recommended for people who suffer from indigestion of protein, those whose body can not absorb protein. The benefit of papaya, like pineapple, brings only in its pure form and immediately after eating.

Product number 10 - green tea

Favorite by many green tea is recommended to drinkUp to 4 cups a day. In the composition of this drink there are substances that can disperse metabolic processes and help in losing weight. Still green tea prevents the development of cancer cells, strengthens blood vessels and heart. However, in large quantities, green tea is capable of excitingly acting on the nervous system.

Product number 11 - raspberries

Berry raspberry is the record holder for vitamins,Thereby freeing the cells from fat. Also raspberry is a diuretic and helps to remove toxins and toxins from the body. Separately, I would like to say that raspberries do not lose useful properties even after heat treatment. So dare to make desserts from raspberries.

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