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10 ways to make yourself easier


You can not follow diets, because you always want to eat? Take the rule of 10 simple rules, and you can keep yourself in shape without debilitating diets.

How to achieve a mild wake-up in the morning
1. Start the day with a light charge. Get well in bed, get up and make a few leans forward. Do a dozen sit-ups and stretch all your muscles (twists, stretch marks, pull-ups will help you here). It only takes 10 minutes in the morning, but it will give you a charge of vivacity for the whole day.

2. If you really want to eat, do a light workout and after about 10 minutes drink a full glass of clean, cool drinking water. After that, you can start eating. After such training, you eat at least 2 times less.

3. Do you want something delicious, sweet? Especially at bedtime or on a cold day? Herbal teas will help you. Buy a few different tastes and enjoy them whenever you want. You can add tea with a teaspoon of honey.

4. Have an audit in the kitchen, and try to replace the products with more useful ones. Instead of white bread learn to use cereal, mayonnaise can be substituted for yogurt without additives, milk chocolate for bitter, salt for soy sauce. A steamer can also become an excellent assistant in the kitchen, but if you do not get used to eating fried, then at least bake in the oven or grill.
5. Remember the rule - at least 30 minutes of walks every day! In any weather, regardless of the season. In good weather, it is necessary to increase the time of walks. Shoe sneakers or comfortable boots - and forward through the city. Well, if it's cold in the street or it's raining all day long - go to the nearest shopping center, there's where to take a walk. The main thing is not to take money with you!

6. Leaf culinary books and watch culinary sites in search of tasty and interesting recipes from "useful products." Write down the recipes in a notebook and a couple of times a week pamper yourself with useful yummy.

7. Wear in the purse a little dried fruits, nuts and a couple of bars-muesli. This meal will help you to have a snack, and not to look in cafe, pastry and confectionery.

8. There are products that you can eat as much as you want, but not at all plump. And the fact is that on their digestion the body spends more energy than they contain calories. Examples of such products are mandarins, kiwi, strawberries, cabbage, broccoli, spinach.

9. If you really want something, do not deny yourself. Just eat this a little. For example, as much as a table spoon.

10. Be active. Go to exhibitions, ride a bicycle, attend seminars. When you are busy with business - you do not want to eat at all. Finally, sign up for yoga / dance / fitness - because you've wanted this for a long time!

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