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10 ways to decorate the walls with your own hands


How to design the walls in the apartment in an original and budget way.

10 ways to decorate the walls with your own hands



Painting in Graphic Design

One of the favorites of modern art is the game withGeometry. Especially it will look good on such a picture on a clean "canvas", that is, on a smooth white wall. Such a bright color accent is self-sufficient and no longer requires additions, except that you can add a few small accessories in the same color scheme.


3D paper from paper

Here is another cool idea for those whoPrefers volumetric pictures. In order to make such a panel, take a sheet of paper, do not mark it in the form of a spiral starting from the center of the sheet, make slits in several places of each turn of the spiral, insert into the slots triangles and fix them from the back side with the help of adhesive tape.


Abstract digital photos

A stylish and attractive idea, because the abstractWall art at the present time is a fashion trend. Why not join the trend to make yourself? Find abstract bright photos on the Internet, print and create a collage.


Postcards on the wall

A collage of postcards is another find. Such a collage can be made from vintage postcards and printed out in a digital version. There are a lot of ideas for improvisation with their own collection. Bring to this occupation of your household members and for a couple of hours the collage is ready!


Plates on the wall

Who said that this is not fashionable? Get out of the grandmother's chest porcelain plates, or buy them on the flea market - and in your living room there will be a stunning collection. Add this collection to the clock or other items of a round shape, for example, it can be old musical plates.


Designer object from rollers from toilet paper

Your guests may not even guess whatMade such an original decor. Just cut the sleeves from the toilet paper, bend them as in the picture, cover with acrylic paint from the can and glue in the form of such an ornament or flower. Simple, inexpensive and fast!


Mirror with sun rays

A smart way to add a bit of HollywoodStyle in your interior. You need a small round mirror and skewers for kebab, which need to be glued with hot glue and covered with aerosol paint. Now you have a glamorous interior element made by yourself.


Living wall

In the interior fashion, such living walls have long beenGained momentum. It's not surprising - practical and environmentally friendly. Do not ignore the healing power of green! Living walls give natural freshness and organic energy to revive the concrete city house. A pallet with planted plants is just one of many eco-friendly ideas for a home. You can turn this pallet on a wall into a mini garden with medicinal or ornamental plants.


The art of Instagram!

Artistic idea - especially for fansInstagram. Choose the best shots from Instagram and give them artistry to create a beautiful work of art. This idea was invented in the hotel in 1988 in Sydney. Agree, it's not bad - to turn the obsession of the virtual world into the art of the real world!


Golden Chevron

Draw on a canvas or a sheet of paperA zigzag pattern using a newspaper, stencil and then add gold dyes. Zigzag strips are now a popular trend in the world of fashion and interior design. Metallic shades help create brighter interiors.

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