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10 tips for women How to make your man happy?


Your once strong and serious relationshipBegin to break down? Do you know that your man is the one that will make you happy for life? Do not let the relationship end and become for him that woman who will make him happy.



Go to the hairdresser, to the beautician, buyOr just do your favorite thing. Feel the confidence in yourself, the spark that will illuminate your eyes. And your loved one can not pass by this mysterious brilliance.


Find yourself a new occupation, hobby, become again interesting and mysterious for your man.


Become compliant and feminine, and your man will begin to show his character, strength.


Listen to your man, learn more about his colleagues, friends, hobbies, show interest in the part of his life that he conducts without you.


Stop being the shadow of your man, do your work, hobbies, socializing with friends. Become again the person that your man fell in love with.


Feel the taste for life, smile, stay in a good mood, because nothing so beautiful woman, as a stable sense of optimism and faith in the future.


Start to surprise your man in the kitchen, in sex, on a joint vacation. Be different and unusual each time.


Learn to solve conflicts without insults, claims and screaming. Be persuasive in a calm manner of conversation.


Periodically create romantic evenings without serious conversation. Just enjoy your man's company.


Learn to love your man not for some achievements or traits of character, but just like that.

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