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10 rules optimist

How to become an optimist

Optimism - a state of mind.

And it is difficult to achieve without the positive emotions. We decided to collect 10 rules optimist and formulate them in a curious manner.

Taking them to the weapons, you can change your life for the better, and paint it in the color of paint.

1. An optimist always smiling. The smile is disarming and unarmed man to win easier.

2. Optimist never said that everything is bad. He knows that anything can be even worse.

3. Optimist never discouraged. He knows that "this too shall pass." And then catch up and once again be held.

4. optimist not lose heart. With raised hands easier to give luck in captivity.

5. optimist prefers to do something and see what happens than to do nothing and wonder what might happen.

6. An optimist always confident. And he does not care, that not all believe in it.

7. optimist prefers pie in the sky, not a bird in the hand. In the case of a crane hunting him always with a shotgun with laser guidance.

8. optimist prefers to think first and then do it. But not so: first think, then think, then think again and decide that it is not necessary to do.

9. optimist all their problems solves itself. Shifting them to others. However, this is referred to as "competent organization of labor."

10. optimist always fanatically believes that he will succeed. And when he was approaching tsunami, quickly learn the basics of surfing, and when the next volcano erupts, picks up a fire extinguisher.

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