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10 rules of the optimist


How to become an optimist</a>

Optimism is a state of mind.

And it is difficult to achieve without positive emotions. We decided to collect 10 rules of the optimist and formulate them in an entertaining form.

Taking them into service, you can change your life for the better and paint it in colored colors.

1. The optimist always smiles. Smile disarms, and an unarmed man is easier to win.

2. An optimist never says that everything is bad. He knows that everything can be even worse.

3. The optimist is never discouraged. He knows that "and it will pass." And then catch up and once again pass.

4. The optimist does not give up. With raised hands, it's easier to surrender to luck.

5. The optimist prefers to do something and see what happens, than do nothing and guess what might have happened.

6. An optimist is always confident. And he does not care that not everyone is sure of it.

7. An optimist prefers a crane in the sky, and not a bird in his hand. In case of hunting for a crane, he always has a laser-guided double-barrel.

8. An optimist prefers to think first and then do it. And not like that: first think, then think, and then think again and decide that he should not do it.

9. The optimist solves all his problems himself. Putting them on others. However, this is called "literate work organization."

10. An optimist always believes fanatically that he will succeed. And when the tsunami approaches, he quickly learns the basics of surfing, and when a volcano erupts nearby, he takes a fire extinguisher in his hands.

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