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10 little things that the old woman

10 little things that the old woman

Every woman wants as long as possible to preserve the beauty and youthfulness.

There is no better compliment than to say notvery young lady, she looks much younger than his vozrasta.Kakie same basic features of the exterior have an unpleasant property to give the true age or even add years?

1. Sedin. Association with gray hair in most people is quite certain - this is one of the major signs of aging. But first gray hairs are appearing even in their twenties creatures. What kind of old age! Early graying is usually genetically determined and it's hard to do anything. Sometimes, and health problems contribute to early graying. Output is only one - to paint the hair.

2. The loose skin and wrinkles on the neck. Many women forget as well to take care of this part of the body, like the face. A neck skin is very tender and fade quickly, so making a face mask or greasing skin cream at night, be sure to include in the program and your neck.

3. Hands. One of the critical areas of outstanding age. Salvation will be an intensive full-time care, peels and masks, and gloves. Once it is cool outside, it is necessary to protect the hand gloves, and a house in the process of economic affairs to always use rubber gloves.

4. Clothing, matched incorrectly. It can immediately visually add ten extra years. Avoid somber tones and styles that were in vogue in the days of your adolescence.

5. "Grandma" perfume. Scent creates a certain way and there are flavors that really evoke thoughts of advanced years of their owner. If in doubt, not whether your new perfume this insidious properties better resolutely refuse to use them.

6. Wrinkles. They are easier to prevent, so try to avoid the appearance of facial wrinkles with youth. Do not abuse the tan, use a high quality's Skin Care, do not ignore the mask, serum. If the problem is urgent, seek the services of the salon, now there are many anti-aging techniques.

7. Excessive tanning. Besides the negative impact on the condition of the skin and accelerate its aging, chocolate tone makes coarse facial features and adds a few extra years.

8. inept or too saturated makeup. Bright shadow and eyeliner too impressive coat of mascara, especially on the lower eyelashes, emphasize wrinkles around the eyes and create a middle-aged and tired appearance.

9. Extinct sight. Nothing is a young woman, as a shining eyes. But tired eyes immediately adds several years.

10. Cellulite and body flaccidity. Cellulite is today and very young girls, but this should not be an excuse. Loss of elasticity and smoothness of the body should seek to prevent an integrated approach: fitness, massages, body wraps, and of course, proper nutrition.

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