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10 great books that should be read to an educated person


There is one book in the world that you can readLive quite calmly with the certainty that I read everything written after it: there are so many plot lines, philosophical thoughts, terrible and love stories in it. This book is the Bible. The stories given in it are truly inexhaustible, since they still feed the imagination of many writers, artists, directors. But, meanwhile, an educated person must certainly read at least 10 books in his life. If the education is not humanitarian, but, for example, is connected with management or marketing, then this amount may be quite enough.

10 great books that should be read to an educated person
The Book of Ecclesiastes is one of the most cited booksIn the world, created by an unknown author, so an educated person, in order not to get trapped, must certainly read it. Being an Old Testament part of the Bible, this book is not only the progenitor of philosophy as a science, but the basis of psychotherapy, since its main idea - everything in this world has already been before us and will be after us, all the vanities of vanities, so we must love ourselves, the world and enjoy everything , That is given. Many of the thoughts laid down in this book are reflected and continued in the literature of subsequent centuries. Below - only a part of them.

Time to be born, and time to die ...

Ernst Theodore Hoffmann "Little Tsaches, nicknamedZinnober "- without this tale, a modern person can not consider himself truly politically educated, since Hoffmann managed to create a super-image of a real dictator politician for ages.

Nikolai Gogol "Overcoat" - this book would be niceRead at least in order to know where the saying came from: "we all left Gogol's" Overcoat. " This book is about a dream. Dream is so small and insignificant, how small and insignificant was the person who dreamed. But the grief of this man, after his separation from the dream he achieved, gave rise to such despair that it became the greatest symbol of many and many losses. Few writers succeeded in translating in literature the disparity of dreams and grief, life and despair.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky "Crime and Punishment"This text is simply necessary to overcome at least in order not to smack in the face in a conversation with foreigners. Practically any of them (at least graduated from college) knows this book, because it is included in the compulsory program. The relationship in the world of good and evil, the possibility of permissiveness and inevitability and the primacy of God or human punishment, responsibility for the deed, socialist views and philosophical questions - in this book there are really a lot of different layers. But, besides this, it's just a very good detective.

Time to love and time to hate

Charles de Coster "The Legend of Eulenspiegel." To understand what the cheerful spirit of a real free man is, a man for whom the words "motherland", "country" and "state" are not exactly the same, and the belief in freedom as the greatest gift of God is always primary, What is a real anarchic spirit, every modern educated person needs to read this book.

Lewis Carroll "The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland". The origins of absurdist literature and one of the most popular literary genres - fantasy - were born by Sir Lewis Carroll precisely in this book. "The Adventures of Alice" became a kind of Ecclesiastes of the twentieth, and now of the twenty-first century, because in this wonderful fairy tale, almost the same questions and answers are revived as in the Bible book, but they are put on behalf of a little girl who embodies youth Of all mankind.

Ivan Bunin "The Dark Alley" - the greatestA literary collection consisting of novels and stories only and exclusively about love, written so stylistically flawlessly that it is considered a standard. And you need to know the standards. The loving longings of heroes of different ages, gender and positions, their encounters and partings, create from this book a truly greatest love encyclopedia.

Time for war and time for peace

Franz Kafka "The Process". This book shows the absurdity of the world in which the persecution of an irreversible state machine-system can last as long as life lasts: from birth to death. The hero's guilt is unknown, but he is guilty by definition, and therefore will be subjected to an endless trial. The judicial process makes a sexually attractive hero from an ordinary bank clerk, and heroes never die of old age. They die beautifully - from the knife to the heart.

Evgeny Shvarts The Dragon. One of the greatest playwrights and explorers of the human characters of the twentieth century, Eugene Schwartz wrote his play, as if knowing the prototypes of all of his characters. In this play, there are surprisingly bright portraits of ordinary dictators and cattle-chauvinists, nationalists and undistinguished inhabitants who do not want any changes and can happily destroy any hero who came to save them from the clutches of the cruel Dragon.

Umberto Eco "The Name of the Rose" is a historicalDetective, novel, philosophical parable about literature, politics, art and religion. The book immediately became a classic of the twentieth century, the apotheosis of a postmodern view of life: the search for a comedy in tragedy.

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